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Rejuvenate your Body!

Meet your BioEnergetic Health Coach with new Tools to impact your Health and Energy

Release Blockages and Distortions in your Body Energy Field with a BioEnergetic  Body Scan.

Harness your Innate Abilities to Calm your Heart and Mind and build Resilience.  

Discover Your Biological Age

Image by David Brooke Martin

Meet Janet

Have you ever wanted to know the real mysteries of the Human Body?  Looking past the function of each organ and how it might eventually malfunction, like your heart, your brain, your pancreas, and seeking answers about how it all works together every moment?  And how you can influence it?

After having intense curiosity about these questions over several decades of studying human body functions, it appears that we have been missing important information about the messaging system and the interactions of our body with its environment. It concerns how we process energy and information and energy flow. 

I found some incredible answers in the NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System and am pleased to offer NES Health Scans as a Certified NES Health Bioenergetic Health Coach.  We can create proactive, personal, customizable steps based on scans.

Energy Rejuvenation can also be influenced by the Heart-Brain connection to promote Coherence through HeartMath Techniques and change Heart Rate Variability HRV, improving resilience and relieving anxiety and stress.  Learn HeartMath Techniques separately or free with Plans.

Janet Krein Certified NES Health Bioenergetic Health Coach and HeartMath Interventions Practitioner

Janet Krein Bioenergetic Health Coach and HeartMath Biofeedback Coach
 Evergreen Certifed Functional Nutrition Informed Professional Certificate digital badge
HeartMath Certified Interventions Practitioner

 The Journey begins with learning about a BioEnergetic Health Scan and how it could help you.  Book your free 20 minute consultation and receive a free gift.

For clarification, I am not a medical provider.  I cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe medication.

Contact Janet


Call or Text: 407-214-4326

Next Steps for When You Book Your Consultation


 We will set up a call to answer any questions, determine if Bioenergetics is right for you and discuss programs.  Receive instruction on Quick Coherence technique from HeartMath. It takes about 5 minutes to learn.

Hand out and a link to the HeartMath Experience included.


Receive a free ebook describing Bioenergetics "Restore Your Energy with Bioenergetics" by Harry Massey with Steve McCardell. Find out about the MiHealth Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Device and Infoceuticals, purified water and information.


For more information about NES Health Scans, Register for a free client account and receive

  • Free ebook: Restore Your Energy with Bioenergetics

  • Several films

  • Bioenergetics articles, podcasts, and recipes

  • Imprinted music for relaxation and wellness enhancements

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