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Rejuvenate your Body!
Meet your BioEnergetic Health Coach with new Tools to impact your Health and Energy

Get personalized one on one coaching with me and use of unique technology.

Release Blockages and Distortions in your Body Energy Field with a BioEnergetic  Body Scan.
Harness your Innate Abilities to Calm your Heart and Mind and build Resilience with HeartMath.

Image by David Brooke Martin

Meet Janet

Thank you for coming to Rejuvenation Wave!


Are you looking for a different new approach to your health? 

Are you seeking more freedom and self determination?

Learn how to engage the strength of Nature, the strong and weak forces, Electromagnetic and Gravitational forces and how they impact your vitality.

Have you heard of Photobiomodulation?  Or Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy or PEMF?

What if there was an enlightened path to health based on new technology and innovations?

Have you ever been faced with a life altering decision and wished you had some inner guidance to help you?  Do you want to learn how to get into coherence, have more resilience and coping skills, reduce stress and pain, change automatic responses to more calming balanced emotions and rejuvenate your energy?

Have you ever had uncomfortable sensations and wondered "What is my body trying to tell me?"


As a Bioenergetic Health Coach I am pleased to offer transformative sessions that include one on one coaching, Biofeedback and  NES Health Body Field Scans that give rapid insight into your body and what it needs.   We can create proactive, personal, customizable plans through the unique combination of BioEnergetics and Biofeedback as well as Lifestyle Coaching.


Learn HeartMath Techniques that enhance resonance and intuition.

Learn more about affordable lab testing for a complete picture of your health.  Get a unique code to put you ahead of the line at Function Health.


Let’s have a conversation about what you are seeking in your journey to better health in a free 20 minute consultation and let me present ideas on how to achieve your goals.

Janet Krein Certified NES Health Bioenergetic Health Coach and HeartMath Interventions Practitioner

Janet Krein Bioenergetic Health Coach and HeartMath Biofeedback Coach
 Evergreen Certifed Functional Nutrition Informed Professional Certificate digital badge
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HeartMath Certified Interventions Practitioner
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 During our session we will focus on your issues including:
--Digestive issues, diet challenges and gut health

--Sleep issues, Stress Anxiety and coping skills

--Reduce pain and fatigue, Rejuvenate Energy and Vitality

--Elevate Mood and Wellbeing, Enhance Fulfillment

--Explore your life journey and areas of Empowerment.  

--Address Biochemical, Bioenergetic and Metabolic Imbalances

Summer Special

Enter Code Discount50 to receive $50 off your first session. 


Sign up on the website to get a Special Code to get Discounted Lab tests at Function Health.  Get affordable Lab tests to assess your Biochemical status and a consultation with a Functional Health Provider

 I was a Physician Assistant for many years but am currently retired and have become a Health Coach.

I cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe medication.  I can provide information to your health care provider at your request.

Contact Janet


Call or Text: 407-214-4326

Next Steps for When You Book Your Consultation


 We will set up a call to answer any questions, determine if Bioenergetics is right for you and discuss programs.  Receive instruction on Quick Coherence technique from HeartMath. It takes about 5 minutes to learn.

Hand out and a link to the HeartMath Experience included.


Receive a free ebook describing Bioenergetics "Restore Your Energy with Bioenergetics" by Harry Massey with Steve McCardell. Find out about the MiHealth Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Device and Infoceuticals, purified water and information.


For more information about NES Health Scans, Register for a free client account and receive

  • Free ebook: Restore Your Energy with Bioenergetics

  • Several films

  • Bioenergetics articles, podcasts, and recipes

  • Imprinted music for relaxation and wellness enhancements

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