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Rejuvenation Wave Terms of Use

Our Purpose

              The purpose of Rejuvenation Wave Website is to provide a gateway for plans and services encompassing the NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System and HeartMath Biofeedback Techniques and Technology, as well as links to other Bioenergetic and Frequency Based related Technology.



              I am a Certified Bioenergetic Health Coach and have a contract with NES Health to purchase and use software that generates information from Bioenergetic Body Field Scans.  These indicate where potential energy blockages or distortions may be located and information on how to improve energy flow is directed.

              I am a Certified HeartMath Interventions Practitioner through the Institute of HeartMath and have training over several years to teach and use HeartMath techniques and Technology to assess Heart Rate Variability, a Biofeedback measurement, and Coherence as measured by the EmWave Pro Plus software system, as well as EmWave 2 and Inner Balance Trainer.

              I disclose that I am a LifeWave Brand Partner and sell phototherapy and Stem Cell activation patches on my LifeWave Website,

              I disclose that I am a Healy Independent World Partner and sell Individualize Frequency Microcurrent personal use devices on my Healy Website.



              I am currently not practicing as a Healthcare Provider so I cannot and will not diagnose, treat or claim to prevent illness, or prescribe medications.  I have years of experience and certification in Nutrition and Lifestyle practices that may have a significant impact on a person’s wellbeing and their scan results. I will be giving suggestions and counselling based on my training as an NES Health Bioenergetic Health Coach.  After many years of studies, HeartMath techniques have been shown to have impact on the body’s ability to cope, handle stress, reduce anxiety and have physiologic changes in pulse, Blood pressure and respiratory rate, as well as reduction in pain, changes in brain function over time and other benefits. I will use the technologies in person or remote to assess coherence levels over time and for effective practice of techniques. However, Technology is not needed to achieve results.


Access to Website and links

When a client purchases one of the plans for one or more Body Scans over time and HeartMath techniques training, this allows for continued access to an individual login to the NES Health Portal where scan results are available to review and learn from, to print full reports, and access many free podcasts, handouts, meditations, music and other educational resources.  There is also a Store where one can purchase a set of Infoceuticals, individual customized meditations and purchase and use of the MiHealth device for home use that are customized in each scan. There are Feel Good Infoceuticals that can be used without a scan. This website is available even if a client does not make any more purchases and is made available by NES Health.

I have handouts on the website available for printing and downloading and in the future may have podcasts about favorite products and blogs about my experiences.  Click on the Go to Forms button on the Offerings page.

There are links to other unique Bioenergetic, Phototherapy and Frequency based products that I have personally tried and recommend on my Favorites page. Please use these links to research more information about Healy, LifeWave and MiHealth and to view contraindications and policies. These are also available on the forms page.

Account Ownership


I have created this website on a Template and am the owner and creator of  Please see Privacy Policy for further discussion about personal information.

I have agreements with Square on the Wix Website and Clover payment services to provide a safe and secure way to collect payment for services on this website.  I have merchant services through PNC bank and Clover to provide secure invoices and links and a safe Credit Card chip reader for in person services.


Your Obligations

Prior to receiving services with NES Health Bioenergetic Full Body Scans, you will be required to view, print and sign both the Client Authorization Form and the Client Acknowledgement form.  These forms were obtained through legal advice and are meant to represent a clear expectation of services provided.  Bioenergetic Information, suggestions and interpretations are for educational purposes only for your self-knowledge to make improvements in lifestyle and are not intended to be a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Scans can be made available to your healthcare provider at any time.


You undertake and agree to make truthful statements about your health conditions and that you are of sound mind to make your own decisions and choices and that you are over 18 years of age.


You agree and undertake not to take any suggestions, interpretations and discussions as medical advice, misrepresent any information you provide, and for your health, and to achieve the best possible outcomes, you agree to consult with your health care practitioner before implementing any lifestyle changes if you have a known medical condition.



Refund Policies


Returns on unused sessions.  With plans that contain several sessions at a discounted rate, and other incentives, refunds for unused sessions will be described under each individual plan and the refund amount per session will be discussed.  A small charge will be assessed for charge back to a credit card as a result of using an secure outside service.  This will be $20


Refund policy: Once a scan result has been performed, interpreted and a session has been initiated, with suggestions and interpretations, no refund will be given for that session.  See above for unused sessions


Intellectual property:  I have used photos that I have personally taken or taken by family members to use on my website.  I do not authorize any duplication of my text or photos to be taken from my site without permission.  I use logos that I have permission to use from having certifications and permissions by these corporations.  I use approved content from these corporations and used approved written information and handouts directly from these corporations.



By clicking the box and entering your information, you agree to the above Terms of Use.

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