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Janet Krein hiking Zion Park

About Rejuvenation Wave

Wouldn’t you be curious to know what your body, brain and cells are setting you up for, then to know where to intervene first?  How could interpreting  Bioenergetic Body Scans and seeking patterns over time, open you to new insights  and help create a new plan for optimizing your health?

By listening to the ‘Music of the Body’ in Bioenergetic form and utilizing elemental energies of air, sun/fire, water and earth, and aligning with the Big Fields of the Earth, the body is capable of making corrections to blockages and distortions in energy flow through the body’s energetic field and create more balance and harmony.


Would you like to look at your health challenges from a new and different perspective and use new technological tools to explain illness in a new way and to become enlightened about your body? 

Are you seeking a Health Coach with experience and expertise in Functional and Integrative philosophies utilizing the understanding of biochemical processes, but has shifted focus, approaching health challenges differently as a Bioenergetic process that can be influenced by you?

Are you seeking a Biofeedback practitioner with knowledge and training in HeartMath Techniques and other Mind Body modalities who can teach you how to get into coherence, reduce stress and pain, change automatic responses to more calming balanced emotions?

My Story

As a Physician Assistant for over 30 years, I realized that I patterned my behavior and practice style by seeking and following practitioners I admired and were of like mindset.  I aspired to become more like them in the way I cared for people with the same nurturing and reassurance that I was looking for.  When I was seeking someone for my own journey to wellness and prevention of age-related diseases that I saw happening in my own family, I searched for a practitioner who had a similar compatible philosophy of health and more natural treatments.  This included a background in Integrative Medicine, like I had been educated in.  I was looking for someone who had knowledge, experience, accessibility, caring, commitment, concern, someone who would get to know me over time and help me sort out what was confronting me, reduce fear and confusion, interpret test results, and form a concise clear personalized plan.  I wanted to work with someone who was a partner in my health, who was open to new ideas but also would focus on my concerns in a nurturing caring way and provide gentle guidance and honest interaction.  Because of their expertise and knowledge and the trust that we built, they could provide good explanations about why I should make a change and provide answers to reduce pain, fear and confusion.   I found that person and for 12 years she guided my healthcare and my husbands to help us achieve impressive results.  I felt so fortunate to have this kind of care in my journey.

My learning has taken me in many different directions and I realized that people, (myself included) are affected by physical trauma, emotional trauma, mental trauma and spiritual crises as well as environmental crises that can affect the body and affect recovery, health and wellness.  When I was a medical provider, I realized that treating the physical malady alone was not enough and that was a limiting philosophy.  The body can be affected by its environment, exposures to toxins, mistaken beliefs or negative self image, the emotions of those around them as well as the type of food consumed, and the quality of air, water and sleep.   I want to focus on relieving pain and resolving past conflicts that are stored in body tissues in a sequential manner that is outlined by the NES BioEnergetic Body Scan and present tools for moving that energy through the body as described by the NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System.  I wish I had discovered this powerful tool during my career as a health care provider.  That is why I became certified as an NES Health Bioenergetic Health Coach. 

HeartMath Biofeedback Techniques have been used in my previous Integrative and Functional Medicine practices and it has been a profound tool to facilitate change.  The unique blending of HeartMath Teaching and working with the Energy Field can accelerate progress toward your unique goals. You can change past behaviors once you reach that 'Ah-Ha' moment toward greater understanding.   With more coherence and resilience, you can tap into your ability to change your physiology, calm your mind, and use your intuition to access your strengths to create powerful change.

I am no longer practicing as a Physician Assistant but now that I am a Health Coach, I have learned a new set of tools to help people achieve their goals.  With use of new Technology, coupled with Mind Body techniques, there are ways to more clearly focus on the areas most in need of change and in the right sequence, in taking action steps toward balance, awareness and improved health.

Please consider working with me one on one through one of my Coaching Plans.

Contact Me

Lets find out if I can help you achieve your goals.  Book a 20 minute phone call or Facetime consult and receive free gifts.

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