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What is HeartMath?

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Heart Rate Variability and Coherence

HeartMath has developed technology that can track Heart Rate Variability or HRV and put it into a form that is measurable as a Coherence score.  This allows you to track your progress over time. 


The picture shows me starting a session on the emWave Pro Plus software and using the HeartMath Quick Coherence Technique to put myself in a more coherent state, indicated by the green, blue and red bars.  The wave pattern also goes from erratic or non coherence, to a smoother coherent wave form as I sustain coherence over time.  I am using a finger sensor to track my pulse. 


Teaching HeartMath Techniques does not take long and practice daily is key to reseting your nervous system that cause physiologic changes.  I believe that using HeartMath Biofeedback along with the NES Health BioenergetiX WellNES System to reset the body field energies are a winning combination to promote wellness.

HeartMath emWave Pro Plus  software to tract Coherence by HRV

The emWave Pro Plus is used by Certified HeartMath Interventions Practitioners such as myself, to help a client feel what it is like to go into coherence and build resilience to handle stress, reduce pain and impact the Heart-Brain Connection.  This causes a decrease in pulse, respirations and blood pressure that is beneficial to the body.  I have seen clients reduce their systolic blood pressure by 30 points in a short time by using the breathing and visualization techniques with Heart Focused Breathing and Heart Focused Emotion during our sessions.  The blue graph on the bottom shows building coherence over time.  But you do not need technology to learn the techniques and go into Coherence.  Remote sessions by phone or Facetime and use of handouts and free podcasts can also allow practice time and success in changing physiology.

Inspirational photo Grand Tetons promoting a peaceful ooherent image

All you need is the ability to slow your breathing to a comfortable rate and imagine you are breathing in and out through your heart center, then trigger a regenerative feeling like caring, compassion, appreciation or gratitude.  My favorite place is on any mountain lake in my kayak in the peace and quiet of nature and I know I am in coherence because I feel it. It helps to generate the emotion and feel it in your heart.

Peaceful hike with Wildflowers to promote Wellbeing and Ease
Beautiful hike overlooking a lake in Canadian Rockies

You can use any of your past experiences in beautiful inspiring places or simply being with a beloved person or pet and regenerate how that makes you feel.  I do this by remembering beautiful inspiring places I have hiked to in Canada or the Rockies with my husband Mike.

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