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Other Energetic Based Products

The NES MiHealth Device is a handheld electronic multifunctional unit that utilizes short pulsed electrical waves and magnetic fields of a specific nature and frequency spectrum.  It utilizes TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies), and SCENAR (Self Controlled Energy Adaptive Regulation). It interacts with the connective tissue matrix of the body and the Human Body Field to harmonize the self adaptation and regulation systems of the body.  I have used the MiHealth device for the areas recommended in my scans as part of the NES Health BioEnergetiX WellNES System. It is effective for reducing stress, releasing and reeducating energy flow.

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One of the most incredible products I have used myself are LifeWave Phototherapy Patches. Using the light and Infrared heat from your body, the topical patches activate stem cells by increasing copper peptides like Alanine AHK-Cu and Glycine GHK-Cu, and other helpful substances like Glutathione to help inflammation.  


I used the patches for 6 months then became a Brand Partner.  I found that it increased energy, reduced pain, allowed my workouts to be longer, building strength and stamina. I recovered faster with less muscle soreness.   My husband and I have had some amazing results over the last few years with X39 and X49 patches. 

Healy World is a Global Company, along with Marcus Schmieke,  has created several wearable devices that provides Individualized Microcurrent Frequencies or IMF and can be very helpful in providing benefits to the body.  I was introduced to Healy over 3 years ago in a Functional Medicine practice where a Physical Therapist was using Frequency Stimulating Microcurrent, FSM,  a dual frequency device that helped many patients.   For me personally, the pain protocols worked very well to reduce pain in my shoulders, neck and lower back, especially after exercise.  When I woke in the morning with stiffness and back pain in the usual spots, I would attach the electrodes to my skin and it would greatly reduce my pain in a short time.  I became an Independent Healy World Member and my website and store are available below. 

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NES Health Infoceuticals

NES Health Infoceuticals are proprietary Liquid remedies encoded with bio-information designed to correct imbalances in our Body Field. The specific Infoceutical is identified based on your scan results and there are also Feel Good Infoceuticals that can be used without having a scan.  I have used the Infoceuticals and in my follow up scans, they have made a huge difference.  I have also used Polarity during and after airline flights and ESR for stress relief.  These helped with the time changes.  

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